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ISN’s new app helps workers stay informed of ISN Hiring Client requirements and take action from wherever the job takes them.

Visit ISN.com/Empower to learn more about Empower.

Scan the QR Code to download the Empower App today

Download the Empower App today


Stay informed. Be efficient.

Minimize downtime from a missing jobsite requirement. Access your QuickCheck* compliance status and take action right from the app.

Complete trainings assigned by clients and your employer anytime, at your own pace.

Keep your digital ISN ID card and training records with you, in one place. Your Empower account is yours.

Are you a worker? Scan the QR Code or download the Empower app today!

*QuickCheck shows a Hiring Client's jobsite requirements and displays if a contractor employee meets the minimum criteria to come on site

"Empower is a game-changer for us. Before, our crews would need to come into the office for training, and we could lose a workday. With Empower our crews can complete trainings from anywhere, which saves them time and avoids job delays."

Anne Durbin

Sr. Manager, Safety & Compliance, Outback Contractors, Inc.

"Empower lets my workers be more involved in the whole process. Their trainings and documents are available to them in the app, so they can always access what they need, when they need it."

Barry Hartless

Operations/HSE Coordinator, Offshore Oil Services, Inc.

"That Empower app is great. It’s common that people show up without taking the orientation. Now we don’t have to send people home, which helps prevent delays with jobs."

Jeff Carper

Sr. Health & Safety Specialist, Summit Midstream Partners, LLC

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Download the Empower App today

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